Through parallel practices of art and architecture,  productive cross-pollination shapes the work of artist Marianne Desmarais. Techniques from architectural practice are applied in drawings and sculptures that attempt to alter space through the manipulation of form, optics, and surface.  Utilizing manual and digital modes of production, resistance and collapse are explored as themes of structural response.  Marianne works with geometry and material characteristics to visually amplify the relationships between constructive parts, media, and disciplines.  Her works move off the surface of the gallery walls to approach the viewer physically, to push and pull space.  The the tension in each piece reveals that balance is a state between equal and opposing forces. 

Marianne Desmarais lives and works in New Orleans.  In Louisiana, she is represented by Cole Pratt Gallery.  She holds Masters of Architecture degrees from Tulane University and Cranbrook Academy of Art and has studied abroad at the Edinburgh College of Art.  In addition to studio art, she maintains an architectural practice and is a Professor of Practice at the Tulane School of Architecture.