I am interested in open geometries and optical tricks.  Pattern making for me tumbles into unsuspecting, polymorphic forms.

Current drawings employ simple geometry; each shape shares a common dimensionality and shifts occur only through variation in shape type. Colors deployed in each drawing match those of a tiling puzzle in an attempt to replicate the optical tweaks and bends that occur in the assemblage of pattern. The wet gouache subtly bends the paper while the shapes torque the page. Forms dissolve and converge in slippery patterns of depth and transparency. 

Recent sculptural pieces are first attempts to transition a body of work into physical dimensionality through digital processes to become spacial. Where the drawings deployed color to heighten the optical space that emerges from the assemblage of pattern, these studies move into a field condition and through proliferation of units emerge beyond simple pattern. 

Marianne Desmarais works as an architect and Adjunct Lecturer at Tulane School of Architecture. Most recent exhibits of work have been in group shows at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, Staple Goods and the Antenna Gallery in New Orleans.  Public art installations include Terrella with Sarah Kabot at the Westin Downtown Cleveland.