2014               imago mundi, New Orleans Museum of Art for Prospect 3, Group Show, New                                        Orleans, LA

                      LA Contemporary, awarded Third Place,  Ogden Museum of Southern Art, Group                                    Show, New Orleans, LA

                      Sputnik 2,  Boyd Satellite Gallery, Group Show, New Orleans, LA

                      Megalomania II,  Boyd Satellite Gallery, Group Show, New Orleans, LA

                      Marianne Desmarais: Tiling Studies,  Tulane School of Architecture,                                                        New Orleans,

2013               LA Contemporary,  Ogden Museum of Southern Art, Group Show, New                                                  Orleans, LA

                      Shape of Place,  Staple Goods Gallery, Group Show, New Orleans, LA

                      My Mom Says My Work is Still Improving,  Antenna Gallery, Group Show,                                              New Orleans, LA  

                      Space and Time, with Michelle Gay and Liz Sargent, Art Gallery of                                                            Peterborough, Peterborough, ON

2009             A Poem about Water & Dreaming,  Roadside Attractions, Toronto, ON

2008             Abstracted Landscapes, with Liz Sargent, The Society of Arts and Crafts,                                               Group Show, Boston, MA

2007             Together at Last, with Liz Sargent, Red Gallery, SCAD Group Show,                                                         Savannah, GA          

                     TRACE, Kirkland Art Center Gallery, Group Show, Seattle, WA              

2006            Back to the Floor, A Juried Exhibition of Rugs, with Liz Sargent, Elaine L.                                                 Stevens Gallery at Wayne State University,Detroit, MI /Juried by Rebecca                                           Stevens, Consulting Curator Contemporary Textiles,  The Textile Museum in                                       Washington, D.C.

2005           Living Light on the Land: Prototypes for Sustainable Architecture & Design                                         with Liz Sargent, Network     Gallery at Cranbrook Art Museum, Group Show,                                      Bloomfield Hills, MI

 2004          By A Thread: a contemplation of design, with Liz Sargent, Aronson’s, Group                                          Show, New York, NY

 2002          Makers' Marks, Tangent Gallery, Group Show, Detroit, MI

                    An Inch of Art, J.M. Kohler Arts Center, Special Exhibition, Group Show,                                                  Sheboygan, WI

 2001           Birmingham Project with Tyree Guyton and the New Museum of Contemporary                                      Art, Birmingham, MI

                    Bridge, Cranbrook Forum Gallery, Collaboration with Liz Sargent, CAA Fiber                                            Department, Bloomfield Hills, MI



 2013-14      Terrella, Permanent facade installation, The Westin Cleveland                                                                 Downtown. Cleveland, OH

 2008          American Beauty, South,  Mural Project, Airline Highway 61, New Orleans, LA

                   DesCours, with the Mutable Line Collaborative, American Institute of Architects,                                     New Orleans, LA



 2004          The Banff Centre, New Works Residency, Banff, Alberta Canada



Savannah College of Art & Design / North Kowloon Magistracy Building / Hong Kong



 “upfront review: Marianne Desmarais” 

Ceramics Monthly 11.07 by Matthew Kangas

 “Design File: Floor Polish” 

Azure 3/4.06 by Elizabeth Pagliacolo

 “Once Wearable, Now Art” 

FiberArts 1/2.05 by Liz Good

 “Art Gardening: Heidelberg’s lone ranger works with Cranbrook’s architects and school kids for change”

Metrotimes 6.02 by George Tish

 “New artists take a fresh look at materials”

Oakland Press 4.02 by Bob Gross